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You have questions to ask? Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions.


  • Individual leasing
    Bring along your original NRIC , Driving License
  • Corporate leasing
    Bring along a copy of your company ACRA (valid for 6 months) , appointed driver driving license and NRIC

Currently we don’t support P-Plate leases. We will update accordingly in time to come once we can support this sector of customer.

Yes . All our cars can be driven to Malaysia.

Yes . All our vehicles are covered with comprehensive insurance package .

All our cars are covered by comprehensive insurance. So rest assured that you and your passengers are well protected.

Give our customer service department a call and we will arrange for you to go down to our appointed workshop. With scheduled appointment,  expect to waiting time to be around 30-60mins. However, do try to be punctual.

We always take pride in our cars, and your safety is our outmost concern. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you find that the vehicle condition will affect your safe driving.

Standard procedure in the event of an accident

  • Take photos of the vehicles involve in the accident.
  • Move the vehicles to one side of the road, making sure not to obstruct any of the traffic.
  • Get the particulars of all other parties involve. Eg. Driver name and IC/Fin/Passport particulars
  • Get the particulars witnesses (if any) Eg. Driver name and IC/Fin/Passport particulars
  • In the event that all vehicles involve agreed on a private settlement. Do make sure that a private settlement treaty is signed by all parties involve.

Standard procedure in the event of an accident
A police report should be made on the spot on the following scenario:

  • where any injuries were sustained;
  • involvement of government vehicle or damage to government property;
  • involvement of foreign vehicle;
  • involvement a pedestrian or cyclist;
  • any accident occurring outside Singapore

Is anyone injured in the accident?

  • Do not move the vehicles, call for ambulance and the police immediately. Wait for help to arrive and seek medical treatment immediately.Inform our company immediately.


  • Take pictures of the damage car for both parties. Move both vehicles to the side of the road, making sure not to obstruct any of the traffic.
    Take down the particulars of the all other parties involve. Inform our company immediately. Come to our office within the next 24 hours to make an accident report. If the accident happens on a weekend or public holiday, just come down to our office on next working day.

The accident occurred in the middle of the night. Who should I inform?

  • Inform us immediately by calling our customer service hotline and we will advise accordingly.

Do you provide car rentals for Grab and Uber?

  • Yes. Most of our cars are Grab and Uber ready. We have a range of vehicles to suit every individual needs. Talk to us today for more information.


To be updated soon

What assurance do I have buying a car from E-cube Auto?

  • We will do an STA/Vicom evaluation for all our cars. Therefore you can always buy with ease.

Is there any warranty for cars bought from you?

  • It will be optional for buyers to purchase a one year warranty from a 3rd party vendor.
  • By standard, we will cover buyers with a 6 month limited warranty. Guidelines to be according to the lemon law of Singapore.

What other values can I expect from the car I purchase?

  • Wear and tear parts to be replaced according to STA/Vicom report
  • One free servicing
  • One free interior grooming
  • One free exterior polishing

** Options will vary with every individual cars and buyer requirements.